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BOB KEY, Résumé Strategist  *  Certified Advanced Résumé Writer

“Bob, I was able to land a job with American Express earning a great salary. I know without a doubt that the professional résumé you created for me played a huge part of this amazing door opening for me.” Michelle T., Phoenix

Specializing in providing career-boosting services for job candidates in Tucson, Phoenix, and beyond.

Accredited by the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU of Southern Arizona, A+ Rating

Does your current résumé help you or hurt you? Does your résumé convey VALUE to  prospective employers in the Tucson or Phoenix metro areas? Will it survive an 8-second glance by a hiring manager or recruiter? Are you effectively marketing your skills and accomplishments in ways that connect with employers’ needs?

A professionally written résumé is the cornerstone of your job search campaign. It is your personal marketing document designed to capture the attention of the reader and win you the interview.

My clients are alert executives, business owners, professionals, and candidates in transition who are able to invest time and funds in first-class career marketing documents.

I will partner with you to create a powerful résumé that separates you from the crowd and exhibits your unique skills and abilities to showcase you as a top-flight candidate fully capable of meeting employers’ needs.

Your career will profit from the tools, resources, and personalized approach provided by High Value Résumés: 

  • Interview winning résumés
  • Attention grabbing cover letters
  • Lifetime archiving and updating
  • Interview coaching
  • Support and guidance for coping effectively with the employment process

Your résumé written by an experienced, nationally certified career strategist is a small investment in your future of great value. Your career is worth it!

The purpose of your résumé is to get you in the door for an interview and beyond that, to get you hired. The High Value Résumé is a powerful means of marketing yourself to prospective employers. Hiring managers may see dozens, even hundreds of résumés for each job opening. Your résumé must capture their attention in a few seconds.

To accomplish this, it must be forceful, expertly written, and distinctively styled. You can beat your competition by showing the first-day VALUE you will bring to the organization.

Will your résumé be considered?

Today, almost all résumés are submitted to employers electronically. Many organizations use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software to scan and qualify résumés for further consideration before they are ever seen by human eyes. Your High Value Résumé will be keyword optimized and accomplishment rich to ensure that it successfully survives this process and moves ahead in the review process.

Why hire a professional résumé writer?

Most candidates are much better qualified than their DIY résumés demonstrate. As a nationally certified résumé writer, I have the expertise to compose and format your vital information in a dynamic document that seizes the attention of hiring managers in Phoenix and Tucson and convinces them that you have the necessary skills to do the job and add value to the organization.

The opportunity to describe these qualities for you is my passion. Contact me today for more information.